Torco Fuels Currently Available

***NEW** Now in stock***

Unleaded 108

Similar in make up of competitors unleaded 100, Torco unleaded 108 works well in the same applications but will satisfy the demands of higher compression or unusually high boost.

Available in 5 Gallon Pail Only       

           $55.00 Pail


Hot Rod 110 

Octane Rating:106

**Non-oxygenated fuel**

(VP Comparable VP110)

Hot Rod Fuel is great for most naturally aspirated race engines up to 12:1 compression and under 500 cubic inches.  Applications range from circle track,drag racing,offroad and power sports. 

         $10.00 gallon


                                                            Torco 112  

                                                                  Octane Rating:109

                                                                                           **Non-oxygenated fuel**

                                                   (VP Comparable C12 and Late Model) 

Torco 112 is a perfect fuel for most race engines up to 14:1 compression naturally aspirated and under 500 cubic inch applications range from circle track,drag,marine,offroad,road racing and power sports. 

       $12.00 gallon


      Torco Unleaded Accelerator 

Boost your Octane 95, 102 or as high as 105! Torco Accelerator will transform premium pump gas to closely resemble race fuel. It can raise the Octane of your regular pump gas as high as 105. Won't harm 02 sensors or catalytic converters. Customize your blend to fit your needs!

Torco Accelerator is not just another fuel additive; it’s simply a Race Fuel Concentrate.

Warning!  Accelerator and blended gasoline should be stored out of ANY LIGHT.


      $20.00 each (32oz can) 



 TORCO Accelerator users:

                  Blending chart (87 Octane base)                  


                      Blending chart (91 Octane base) 





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