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103 Motorsports was founded in El Paso, Texas by Lorenzo Hidalgo.  El Paso is located in the ​​southwestern region of Texas, bordertown to Mexico and New Mexico.  
Lorenzo is a life long racer and his history in the racing world is extensive.  Lorenzo's career as a racer began with a Pro Sock team as a crew member in 1990, ran the Summer Swing with the NHRA circuit, but the team came to an end that same year. In the mid 1990's he fell into dirt track racing in the Juarez, Mexico, Tularosa, New Mexico and El Paso tracks; in 1994 he captured a Champnship at the Autopista Juarez, Mexico.  He continued his racing and visited victory lane several times after his championship.  In 2000, he suffered a devastating accident which left him with some injuries and as a result was force to take a break form his racing career.  As his recovery was taking time, he found that he would return to where it all started, drag racing and this is how he has now settled into drag racing once again. Racing is a passion, it's a way of life, and it's in his blood.  And best of all, it's a family affair!
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